Friday, October 28, 2011

Antecedents to ... Meeting the ... Doctor ! ! !

Its coming soon... have to face the doctors...
The indicator.. blood test.. and yet I have not summoned any will power yet to make myself a better man and not a fatter man (copied directly from the ad from TV.. can u guess which show?).
Just been to hospital to 'donate' my blood for testing, again. The usual wake up early in the morning... this time couldn't wake up. I have noticed that I have become lazier and lazier in waking up in the morning and it has become so difficult to wake up and do the usual routine. 
Whats the routine? Wake up. Cant shower etc as have to get the kids up. Wait for Walter to eat something. Prepare all the towels, toothbrush with toothpaste, and Walter's medicine/pampers. Drag / carry / Pull or just get Walter to the bathroom, sometimes screaming and shouting, to have his shower. Then shower while my wife puts Walter's medicine on his buttocks and dresses him up. I am so lazy. Sorry dear wife, really.
Anyway, off to donate blood. The usual heavy traffic and the idiots that just nip in front of you and cut in (at the hospital traffic light).    
Wished I had a piece of land next to the hospital. Sure become millionaire. I always park at the cheap part (RM3).
Walk through this side gate (at one time was locked and had to walk the whole nine yards to the main entrance (why am I complaining.. fat, need the exercise..LOL). Each time go through this side gate, must remember to bend (a slight "kow tow" to the hospital spirits), otherwise your head will feel the wrath of the iron.. LOL.
 Haiz.. the place I have to go every few months, either for me, my wife or Walter. Specialist Clinic (more like the outpatient clinic for the hospital) at the Sarawak General Hospital.
 Its just 730am, I arrived a bit later than usual and the place is packed. The staff is already calling out names to get their number. I quickly place my sheet of paper for blood test at the counter ans set to wait.
 I usually bring my students work or a paper or a newspaper to read. This time, nothing. Just lazy and no mood to do anything. So sit like an idiot until I hear Profesor Madya something something being called out. Quickly I walk to the counter and to my embarrassment it is not me. LOL. What? You think you the only Profesor Madya at the hospital? LOL. At 805am, my name is called and I am given this chit, number 1029, and they are just calling number 1002.
I sit and wait.At 830am my number rings on the counter over the door to the blood taking room. I go in and see that the person that will be taking my blood is a young lady. She seemed nervous and rubbed my hand with alcohol covered cotton for so long I thought that my hand must have got drunk. She tried once, poking the needle in slighty, didnt get the vein and gave up. I told her that the Indian guy on the other side usually takes my blood and she waited for a while, called him, and got me transferred over.
The first thing this guy says is, "You gained weight huh?" Haiz..He was all business. One poke, and he was drawing blood like water from my veins.
All done, at 845am. Repeat this every 3 or 6 months, for the rest of my life. 
Now also, to see the Doctor to get the results... don't think it will be good, as I have not been taking care of myself, at all. 
Don't want to go and see the Doctor. I just want to crawl under a rock, curl into a fetus shape, and lie down covered and all by myself. Already know what the Doctor will say. Haiz.
Haiz ad infinitum.
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