Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Its just a tool

Read the papers this morning.. front page of how a lady got duped by a Nigerian to be a drug mule, via Facebook. Inside the paper, a story of a company suing Facebook and some authors on an article, and another story of the censorship in China of Facebook. Plus the countless rhetoric by our leaders on the social media.
Wonder why the hysteria?
Facebook and its like is just a tool.
You think the Nigerian will not find another way to get drug mules if Facebook was banned?
You think that people will not shoot off their mouth at their bosses or services that they don't like?
You think that governments like China (BTW, its a communist government) will not want to censor dissent in any form? Especially after the Arab summer.
Lets be rationale. Its just a tool. Its not the tools fault. Its the person typing, reading, using. As an example, do we take guns to court for killing a human? No. We take the human who used the gun (tool) to court.
Lets use our faculties before we go off on a mass hysteria that Facebook and its like should be banned. Instead, lets educate people on the responsibilities, etiquette and mannerism that we should use while on such media.
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