Thursday, December 29, 2011

Malaysian Drivers (1)

My categorization of Malaysian drivers (Part 1):

1. The Aunties: Have you ever seen them, these aunties driving grand cars, so slowly.. usually all dressed up, and with kids and the help in the car. They drive like they own the road, and just don't seem to understand that there are rules to be followed. I like their style though.. must have a full face dark eyeshade, hands all covered, and usually heavily made up with striking make up... but not all.. some just seem harried.

2. The Panic Persons: Can be young or old, but the usual is they drive along well until an event panics them, then the devil in them rears up. Just saw one this morning, in a Kancil full of people, wanting to turn out to the main road and a lorry turned in towards the Kancil, he panicked and speed off, nearly causing at accident there and there as other cars and motorbikes had to stop for him. He then sped off and ran a red light and drove in a zig-zag fashion until I lost sight of him.

3. The Apek (old, usually Chinese man.. sometimes, well rarely.. old Chinese woman but can also be of other races): Older person, usually in an older car. But don't be misguided, this car is just the Apek's work car. I know of a few Apeks with work cars like s**t but you should see the mansions they own. Anyway, I am digressing.. these Apeks drive like i***ts and I believe their attitude is "Do you really want to hit my car? I don't lose anything but your car...?" Plus maybe because they are old, they don't seem to know the road rules and drive as and how they like.

to be continued...
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