Friday, December 9, 2011

My Eyes

Went to the eye clinic recently for my 2 checkups, last Tuesday was the 2nd visit/test.. even by then I knew it was not right eye has shown some degeneration.The clinic was so full of people.. had to stand for most of the time.. 
The usual drill of appointment at 9.. lol.. arrived earlier at 830am, and placed my card and stood and waited for 30 mins for my name to be called out.. eyesight check.. couldn't read the bottom line of the chart.. haiz..then wait again and saw the doctor, she put this med in my eye and immediately sting.. and looked in my eye, then did some more drops which stung and made my eyes yellow and then stood and waited outside.. . vision became blurry.

Another look into my eyes and then a short chat.. starting me on drops, my pressure on the eye is now 18 and the drops should lower the pressure... need to know how to lower pressure in my eye.. should have asked but didnt.. oh now I am a glaucoma patient.. and need to reduce pressure on my eyes... and now I pray I will have my eyesight at least till I retire.. need to prepare for my kids and wife..
Here is a pic of my eye some 2 years ago.. apparently now its worse.. haiz... 
So that's why I was a bit disheartened, sad, depressed.. still am .. but will need to pick myself up and get on with it..
Life has to go on, and I have 3 persons depending solely on me.. so must.. must go on..
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