Monday, January 30, 2012

Claypot rice.. in Kuching

We don't usually go out to eat, and am not really well versed in places in Kuching for good food, but we do have some places that we like. There is this place, a corner restaurant at Rubber Road, at the other corner of the Singapore Chicken Rice near Satok Night Market, where we go for Claypot Rice. Its just a hole in the wall operation that has moved around for some time, and we have followed them. We even know their children from the time they were small till teenagers that they are now. 
To say that the claypot rice is marvelous etc, not really.It is just claypot rice. Thats it. Nothing else. But it is very nice, very rustic, and without realizing it.. you can eat the whole pot..LOL. We ordered a medium sized pot and between the two of us finished the whole pot..
 The other thing that we have when we are there is a owl of peanut soup. I like this soup, for the taste, the peanuts, and the occasional pieces of chicken leg. Very tasty and it goes well with the claypot rice.
This claypot rice and soup cost us RM9. Now tell me where else can you get such value..
I enjoyed myself.. and I could still feel my wallet, so I am smiling...
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