Monday, January 30, 2012

Satok Night Market

One of the places we do go as a family is the Satok Night Market on Saturday evenings, partly to buy some greens and fruits, and partly to walk about and see.. 
The first stop is the usual.. either keropok lekor or an Indian snack food that I forgot the name.. lol.. vade i think, this time only the keropok lekor was open.. many stalls were still not open, guess Chinese New Year affects even the night market.
This snack food is important, as it is for the children.. lol.. yup.. both Walter and Vina love it and will fight over it. Vina wanted to hold the plastic bag of keropok lekor and Walter was not having that.. in the end Doren held the bag and dished out keropok lekor as we walked. We even have a kind of standard tour of the place.. depending on the need but the usual is through the fruits and then the veges an then to the souvenir place and to the magazines for Doren's weekly supply.
Some times the tour goes on a long stretch to the end of the market, sometimes a quick run to the veges. We also do walk on the other side of the market, to see the trees, plants, fish and animals that are on sale. Nice to see.. not really to buy .. for us especially..
This time we stopped at the fruit stand (where we usually dont) to buy some pears.. actually it turned out to be only 2 pears (as it cost RM6.80).
Nice pears.. and a small bunch of red grapes came to nearly RM30. Oh well.. once in a while.. we usually stick to Malaysian fruits.. especially when we can get from the village. We love durian (but I have to cut down), cempedak (have 2 outside the house at the moment.. courtesy of my neighbour), my wife and children loves nangka and rambutan.. i so so, mangosteens, mango.. the list goes on.
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