Sunday, March 11, 2012

Walter and his tantrums

Walter seems to have tantrums more often  now. When he doesn't get his way, he cries, drops on his knees, start howling, rolls on the floor, legs kicking and whatever else in order to get attention.
This has happened at Everrise Supermarket,
Sarawak General Hospital,
his school, and apparently during school. Why? I guess he wanted something but did not get it; wants attention; or just tired. BTW, Walter has Downs Syndrome.
But what I am at loss is why this sudden tantrum throwing episodes. He never did this before. Now, whenever he doesn't get his way, this starts. I am of the belief that I should not go cuddling my boy every time he does this.. but its rather difficult to not do so.. when you need to register him to see the doctor or have other things to settle.. but wow, I really do feel the prying eyes of everyone.. quite sure some people did take his photo as I saw hand phones trained on him when he was doing his 'show' in the hospital. Wonder which blog or FB it came out... haiz. What I did was to take him and place him in the waiting room (where the show continued) and just wait. I am of the belief that Walter must learn that by doing this 'show' he will not get what he wants. Unfortunately, I feel that I am the only person of this belief!
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