Sunday, March 11, 2012


I just dont understand the bad manners of people..
At Giant just now, my daughter was playing at the kids playground and I placed her slippers by the side. A lady comes by, kicks the slippers away and sit down there. Haiz..
A lady driving out of a lane onto the main road.. drives right into my lane.. on the opposite side of the road, with no sign of remorse etc, just proceed on.
People cutting Q, and the frontline still serves them.
A gaggle of girls at the fast food counter, deciding what to order.. sometimes I just wonder why do I always get this kind of persons in my line.
Last night at KFC, the lady in front of me insisted on paying by credit card, when the restaurant only accepted cash.
People driving with their high lights on (usually smaller cars)..
And the list goes on....

Sometimes I wonder how true are our tourism advertisements, I would love to find those kind of people.. cheerful, helpful, smiling, considerate...
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