Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thinking of ...

Wife thinks I should go on a sabbatical, so do I, since Vina still has 2 years before school, but wonder if can get permission/leave from my Uni and which Uni should I go to?
Would love to go back to Otago but most people there are new to me.. would they help me.. need to work n learn from those there so that can come back a better prof. Have friends at Waikato and Wellington too. Or maybe elsewhere all together?
Partly these questions came about after the MAG Scholar Conference. People were so much into the new things such as PLS and I am still the old broom with SEM.
Also need the time.. to sit down and write.. and get things in perspective. So many papers to be published but no time to sit down and do.
Wonder what to do?
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