Friday, May 25, 2012

Kolok Mee 250512

Was thinking.. since I do eat anything, everywhere and anywhere.. why not blog about it, especially from my perspective.
So lets start with today's breakfast of Kolok Mee at 7th mile, in a modern coffeeshop near After 7. Why was I there instead of the usual haunt.. had to take a cake for my wife.. for the teachers at the children's kindergarten.. Happy Teachers Day to them too you know.
Anyways, tried this place out.. Kopi O Kosong (Black Coffee, no sugar) was RM0.80 and the Kolok Mee Special was RM4.80. The first thing I thot.. for RM4.80 I expected more than 3 strips of thinly sliced pork.. and fishballs? Come on.. in a kolok mee? Well, at least it came with soup, and this was not 'air mata duyung,' so some bonus points there. There was no prawns, no internal organs.
As I ate, I noticed that most of the customers were ordering laksa instead of kolok mee... which hinted to me that the laksa there must be the house champion and not the kolok mee. Nevertheless, the mee was springy and tasty but I found the pork smell from the oil quite strong. But it was tasty.
Would I intentionally come back.. not really.
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