Monday, February 11, 2013


I am just getting too frightened to drive here.. just too many idiots on the road. I just came from Giant at 10th mile where an idiot drove on the wrong side of the road.. and this is not the first time I have come across such an occurrence. Think they want to save a few sen on petrol to go a full round.. but then its a huge truck!

My wife's car has been hit at the back, I think 3 times now, while she has stopped at a red light for some time.. and twice the ladies in the cars that hit her car didn't want to pay for the damages and even threatened her. All didn't want to settle or to do a police report. I am lucky so far. My brother in law's car was hit at the back at a traffic light and the guy was good and friendly and gave his phone number, name and IC number. When he made a police report, he found out the car number didnt exist, and the same for the phone number, name and IC number!

I have seen so many idiotic acts done on the road.. from large cars driven by towkays or towkay neos. This afternoon as I drove my mum, a lady in a BMW X6, drove like an idiot and a speed demon... haiz, as if they own the road. On the other hand the small car owner syndrome is also there, all decked out with extras and with all intention to blind you with their extra lights and bling. What is worse when they swerve in and out among cars... and they do try my patience when they drive 50kmh in a 90kmh road!

But I still need to get to work.. so drive on.. and pray!
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