Friday, June 21, 2013

So what happened to me...?

I suffered from hematemesis from a bleeding esophageal varices with complications in my liver. Was warded due to massive loss of blood and am now resting at home.

Thats the long and short of it. The story is more interesting.

I was in KL and felt bloated and on my flight back didn't even eat at the business lounge or on the plane back. I told my wife who laughed at it, as everyone knows, Ernest eats ..  especially on business class flights. The next day I was also feeling not well but went in to office to settle some due matters and came home early. Still feeling bloated, my wife suggested I take Eno's and that didn't work I took a charcoal pill. Didn't work.. and I started coughing, and vomited blood at the kitchen sink. Wife didn't know of that, and when I came to the front of the house and showed her that I was coughing blood, she freaked out, crying and don't know what to do. 

So got the car keys, passed to her, told her to call her sister to come and see to the kids and ask the neighbors to see to them before my sister in law turned up. Then she drove me to the emergency ward. Told them I was vomiting blood and they straight away put me in.. and so started the waiting game. 

At 2am I vomited blood again, copiously. The bed, blanket and all was wet with my blood. My wife was taking medicine and came and saw me and screamed and cried, while the doctors and nurses just continued their work. 1 of them gave her a bucket and plastic bag to hold while I vomitted. Then I slept while the doctors placed lines in my hands.

The ER was full, the wards was full and we just waited. My poor wife stood for the whole night and day by my side. Finally, 2nd time of going to the ward I got a place in the ward. Was taken to do endoscopy. The first time I was lying don there with a tube going into my mouth, gagged and choked and vomited blood. The second time, I spewed sufficient blood for the Operation Theater nurse to scream and doctors asking for blood and I faded out. 

My wife later told me that there was 6 endoscopy sessions done and the doctors bound my veins that had burst. I had peed and shit my clothes and didnt know it. She had cleaned me up and I was lying down at the ward.

Then came the days of poking and poking, trying to find veins so that the nurses could fill me up with blood and plasma. Part of my left hand was shaved so that they could find my veins. When they put in a line, the most it lasted was a day. All I heard was Pink, Pink, no main.. pink meant small vein and apparently my veins were twisted.. plus I was fat and fair and they couldnt see my veins. When I was discharged my arms were blue and black and they were running out of where to poke me again!

My wife was with me all the while, and I know she was stressed and tired. My mother in law was taking care of the kids with the help of the whole clan on my wife's side, so I was not too worried. I did think what would happen to my wife and kids if I died, as she doesn't have a job and the kids are so young, when my wife raised the issue. Personally, did not even consider that I would die, I knew I would live, and I was the usual me, positive yet if you know me you will understand. I was sad to see my wife suffering, sleeping on a chair, snoring away (when she is tired), and I am just trying to catch my breath trying to sleep. I know I was in pain, but for me it as more of a discomfort rather than actual pain. My wife was more worried of my anemia (according to her I was white!), difficulty in breathing, and low blood pressure.. the lowest that I was aware was 70/50. My sugar level was also OK, at 6, when I was in hospital.. came home and it went up to 8.3. LOL!

When my blood count came to 10, was discharged and with a 1 month medical leave. Now after 1 week I am feeling much better but still a bit weak. Now planning over my job and career.. especially reading that there is a 70% chance of re-occurrence with a 33% fatality risk... hmm. Now to do an endoscopy on the 17th July and to pray all is well. And to see what can be done for my liver... which apparently isn't much.

I will do what I know and to the best I can.. and I pray and leave it to God. 
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