Friday, July 19, 2013

Endoscopy - Check Up

I think I was overconfident and over hoping for much.. but why not..

Woke up at 6am and left to hospital by 630am and at hospital by 7+am.. and waited. Doors at the day care Operation Theater (OT) opened at 8am, and everyone (as usual) rushed in to put their cards/papers etc on the tray provided. Was thinking why not just have a system where first come first served, with dire cases served immediately? Anyways, wife went in the room and stood and waited (full) while I sat outside. Wife had to go somewhere else to verify the guarantee letter (GL) that I had from the University. Waited some more and then they called me.

I must admit, I was nervous.. very nervous. The thought of the tube being push down my throat...

Wore the hospital gown, lied down on the small bed and soon was whisked in to the OT. The nurses were calming me, explaining the procedure and I felt better. A nurse sprayed something down my throat, bitter and here comes the tube. I closed my eyes and tried my best to breathe and not vomit. The tube went in and the nurses were telling the doctor.. not so good and here got vein grade 2 and there and there and here a grade 1. I sighed. The tube was pulled out and that was also an ordeal, followed by mucous (saliva), which the nurses wiped. Told to rest as the doctor explained had to do again, this time to bind the 3 veins with grade 2 (grade 1 = ok to grade 4 = very bad).

Sigh. Trying to breathe. Again. Oh no. The bigger tube. They are telling me to relax, rest, it wont be long. In my mind it was like... God please help.

A nurse sprayed my throat again (its bitter but I didnt care of that, as I knew worse was to come) and this larger tube is inserted into my throat. Found it hard to swallow, breathe, and then its in. They looked for the veins and I can feel the sucking action and hear the snap as the vein is bound. Found two quickly and looking for the third one. I was like.. get the tube out of me NOW. I think the nurses knew that and told me to relax, soon, soon they kept on saying. Felt the suction and heard the snap and I knew the tube will come out soon. That was another ordeal.. wow. Again, mucous came out too. But I didnt care. It was over, for now.

Wheeled out of the OT and put in another room. Nurses checked my blood pressure and sat me down. Then I was asked to sit down and wait. Later was given papers to make appointments and take medication.

I was hoping all OK.. maybe too premature. Well at least not as bad as before and now just to take care of my food and health... and pray. Please do pray for my continuing health, not for me but for my kids and family. Thank you and God bless.
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