Friday, August 9, 2013


As the title of this blog.. what do I know?

Every evening when I walk I see this mob of young boys just sitting around by the corner of a football field, with their motorbikes parked by the side of the corner house by the football field. They think I am a Mat Salleh and have said hi to me and tried to talk (more like young kid joking) in English to me.. and I have left it at that..their Bahasa Malaysia statements are rather painful to hear.

I do wonder how the owners of the house feel.. with this kids smoking, drinking, shouting, fighting, revving up their motorbikes.. (at different times... so far haven't seen all at one,  u know.. being kids.. just outside their main gate by the side of their very own gates...?

I wonder if the parents of these guys know that this is what their kids are doing? Who let them use the motorbikes.. some of them look too young to be even riding a bicycle.. others seem older and have cars.. again.. wondering whose? Don't the parents know they smoke and drink.. and today they were comparing condoms when I passed by them (strawberry taste I smiled).. I do wonder its just young boy bravado... carrying a condom in the wallet rather than actually using it... the guys will understand.
Sometimes I do see one or two girls with these young boys.. and I worry for them... and wonder what are they doing there and do their parents know?

They practically block the road, and when people walk by, or vehicle pass by .. they (the boys) do move away on time.. but sometimes I wonder what will happen when they or the vehicles just cant avoid each other?

Oh well, what do I know eh?
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