Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roadside Roast

Was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, recently and we went for a drive to see a cattle farm but that's another story. On our drive up the mountains, we saw signs of roast wild boar on shacks by the side of the mountain.. kind of reminded me of Turkey (beef there not pork) and Hungary roadside stalls. So decided to try it on our way back.

This time there was wild boar on the pit.. when I saw the heads, reminded me of my once in a lifetime breakfast of boiled whole head of wild boar in the highlands of Sarawak some years ago.. this looked

We went and I ordered a piece, 1 kilogram of roasted wild boar, for RM18 only. The lady there chose a nice piece and started slicing it into smaller thinner pieces.

She then placed it in this metal holder and placed on the fire below the roasting pigs for a few more minutes.

She took it off the fire, sliced into smaller pieces, placed on a styrofoam holder, one of it she placed some chilli sauce and the other some soya sauce and served it hot. Wow.. it was tender, juicy, and tasty.

This is the roadside stall, extremely rustic. Had some chairs and table, served some drinks and cold beer, and overall a worth it stop. As we drove further down we saw more formal and nicer set ups which our driver said didn't taste that nice or just too 'nice' a place that it loses the atmosphere.

My family and our taxi driver enjoying themselves. Walter of course had to have an episode of crying and screaming.. when he tasted the chilli sauce.. even when we told him not to.. it was OK, but had a lingering down the throat burn.. but was tasty with the wild boar.. so very tasty.

A must have if you go up the mountain path in Kota Kinabalu.
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