Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trip... no, not that kind of trip... lol

Woke up to darkness around 5am, electric supply tripped.. checked the box and reset and all ok.. went for my morning walk.. came back to darkness and my wife trying to reset the electric supply again...

Thank God my neighbor's bro in law is an electrician, so asked for help and now my family is sweltering in the house while I am at work.. hope the electrician comes soon so that my family can cool down.

I notice that this kinda trip occurs when I am about to need money for something else! LOL... well, doesn't it always. Wonder how much the electrician visit will cost us, especially if the 2 Phase fuse got blown out.

At the same time, I really don't like this happening coz Walter will be hot and grumpy and will lose water from his body quickly (one of the problems he face). Now he is older and becoming stubborn, cant really force him to drink water. My daughter will perspire profusely. She is getting beyond chubby like me and need to do something on that.. but that's another story.

And my poor wife has to suffer in the heat.

Wow! We are really dependent on electricity. Noticed all this also occurs when we are at the village and yet the village folk seem to be used to it.

I also find that I dont really mind no electric supply... but I cannot stand no water supply!
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