Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pizza Hut delivery sucks..

Have anyone actually received their Pizza from Pizza Hut delivery within the 30 minutes that they promised? I know I haven't, for any and every order that I have made. NEVER! So I wonder why do they continue to make this promise but never deliver on it. Perhaps in the case of where I live.. there is no other option! If you want a pizza... its only Pizza Hut.

The latest salt to the wound is today. Wife wanted pizza for her and kids.. and I ordered at 7pm. Its now 9.38pm and there is still no pizza. This is after I called the hotline again and they promised will talk to the restaurant and get back to us. We got a call to confirm our order. We then got another call to state that the restaurant just received the order from Kuala Lumpur. Wow. Thank you very much for telling me how inefficient your company is.

So where is the pizza. My kids already want to go to sleep.

What I find funny is that the restaurant repeats the line again... you will get your pizza in 30 minutes. Wow! So I will now get my pizza at 10pm!

Where is the apology?

Where is the free pizza? (guess that will only happen when hell freezes!)

I know you have a nearly complete monopoly on the pizza business here, but if there was another pizza delivery company heading my way... guess it will be bye-bye Pizza Hut. But as nearly all nearly monopoly companies, they don't care of the customer.. well I don't blame them as they don't need to bother of customers by definition of being nearly a monopoly.

However if they care for the company's longevity.. may I suggest that they take care of their customers.

The pizza's arrived at 10.10pm. The delivery guy apologized and I told him its not his fault. Got a coupon for 1 regular pizza with next purchase, that is valif only for 1 month! Sigh.

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