Saturday, July 27, 2013


So many things to do, so little of that precious commodity.. time.

I want to find a single storey house (say up to RM220k) to buy for investment, not much time spent in looking for it.. and when I see something I like I still have to get the missus to ok it.. and thats another issue.. now I am encroaching on her time... so far the dream of getting consensus on this matter has eluded me.

I want the current house to be arranged and set up as we finish the extension but havent done anything since, and yes.. that pesky thing called time.. have so many other daily grinds to contend with, from getting up in the morning...oh yes, that is a time me... to getting the kids ready for school. I find it very difficult to deal with Walter in the mornings.. to get him to have a shower.. and he is getting older and larger and stronger.. and this takes up time and energy.

Work is also time consuming... lets not get into that.. sometimes I wish someone could look for the single storey house that I am searching for and call and visit for me... during working hours... coz getting annoyed of people telling me they bought this house for x* amount or that house for that amount... and I get offered a single storey house for RM430k! What, you think I am an idiot?

By the time I am back from work, I want to... yes, want to.. veg out... but time is an issue and now my missus is also tired out as she had done this and that and looked after the kids and washed the house 10 times and now she has to cook for us etc etc etc.. so there is no time to clear the rooms and arrange things in the new extension!

I have offered my wife some help... lets get 2 daily paid maids for a day or 2 (or as many as needed.. and have even offered to get a live in maid for her).. come and help her to set up the rooms, clothes.. etc.. and I do time after, if you understand what I mean. Still cant understand why she cannot accept this offer!

Part of me is thinking to just be a dictator... get it done and over with... but then, Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind.

* x refers to an atrociously low amount, lets say RM170k for a corner single storey house.. and RM179k for another.. sigh!
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