Sunday, November 3, 2013


I am a Malaysian.
I won't want to talk for others, this is just my views.

I see people queuing for petrol in a land that produces petroleum.
I see prices that were artificially held low now slowly being released and making the prices of other related things (or even not related but people have to live) go up (think of the effect on inflation).
I see GST coming along, as if the taxes I pay isn't high enough.. while many others cheat and lie and don't pay taxes. The usual problem is enforcement but that's another issue.
I see people get so worried and planning for future, how to keep or gain money. I see insurance salesmen smiling.

But why worry.. why queue at the petrol station each time petrol price goes up.. I am surprised that people haven't started hoarding goods because sooner or later everything... yup, everything, will cost more.

For those who tell me you can save in a bank, buy life insurance, or those Amanahs... you really must have forgotten that I am a Professor and not an idiot. Let me just say one concept, current value of money, and think of that. And that's another whole big issue.. the value of our Ringgit.

I see the loss of the middle income group, while the rich get richer and the poor...suffer. Even here in Kuching I see the rich buying up houses and falsely inflating prices to a point that a double storey corner house can start from a minimum of RM500,000 above  when just last year it was only around RM3(4)00,000 plus. What is worse is I see houses left empty, while people need places to stay.. but it has been sold and the buyer is just interested to wait for prices to go up higher so that it can make them more profit.

I see more bankruptcies.The papers were saying on average 60 persons per day go bankrupt, usually the old over silly things like car purchase! What about snatch theft.. and other social ills...
Can go on... but I think you get the drift.

What I don't see is social and financial safety nets... and I worry for the future of our people. So if you were working for the private companies.. and lost your job... what is there for you? What has our society done for such eventualities... as prices will go up and the poor get poorer. Create

So what can I do about it.
Apparently not much.

I see people writing on the Internet, making videos, yet I don't see any change because there is no political will to change. We are told to 'bersyukur' (be grateful). Tell that to the villages where people still have to search for whatever food that they can find so that they can eat while their land is gone.. If you haven't suffered then you don't understand what suffering is.. and our elected representatives are just too comfortable and Lordly to even understand the hurt that people go through every day to bring up their kids and to feed and care for their families (and this is from a Professor who makes good money... what about the daily wage guy?). But I digress.

I am pessimistic at the moment... perhaps when I am optimistic, I will write a bit more on what we can do. I don't see any price going down.. if you have comments how to ride this out, please do comment here.
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