Monday, November 25, 2013

Financial reward for Introducers

With my graduating Masters and PhD students this year

We at the Centre for Graduate Studies Universiti Malaysia Sarawak are trying something new... well, for us its something new. Financial reward for those who introduce students for our coursework based Master degrees. 

The Centre for Graduate Studies Universiti Malaysia Sarawak has successfully negotiated with Unimas Holding Sdn Bhd (UHSB) for some (you wont be rich but something is always better than nothing right?) monetary benefit for coursework based programs Introducer(s) (any individuals), see:

More information on our coursework based programs can be obtained at our website, see:

We actually have a nicely diversified portfolio of coursework based Masters, and soon will add some more.

So if you know people who are interested to do their Masters by coursework effective from 2014, please do introduce them to our programs.

Some of the Masters by Coursework graduates this year

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