Monday, December 9, 2013


Last year this place was the in place for keropok. When we went there, the lines were long yet the service was good. They asked us what we wanted, when, and how we wanted it packed.. and they advised us the best packing for the plane trip back, helped us to carry it to the taxi and was all smiles.

the entrance to the 'factory'

boiling the keropok
This trip, everyone was suggesting to us somewhere else... but we had ordered from this place again. The order session itself should had been a hint of things to come. Not at all helpful, just get the order and go. Gone were the smiles. We also noticed that the boss was not there too.

Time came, we went to collect. All they had done was to put the keropok (around 25kgs) in a foam box with the chili sauce and seal it with one round of paper tape. That was to hold for our trip? So we asked if they had some string to tie.. and they were like blur.. as if we were intruding their free time (they were relaxing and chatting and on the phone).
By the way, no one offered to carry the box to the taxi. My wife called me and the taxi driver and we carried the box. We tied it up. We placed it in the taxi. We asked for marker pen and marked the foam box. All the while the workers were just sitting laid back and relaxed watching us. Wow. What a difference a year makes.
I guess if they go on like this... their own sign will be a prophetic word for their business.

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