Friday, December 13, 2013

Dogs here, dogs there, dogs everywhere

As the title says...

This is one of the pack of dogs (5 in this group) near my house
Coming to a point where I feel I should borrow a gun from the villagers and go and shoot these dogs myself.. just afraid that the whole pack might attack me before I manage to reload.. and they are aggressive.. I threw a stone near a dog that came by too close to my daughter and it kept on coming, clap my hands and stamped my feet and made noise and only then it reluctantly walked away.
I have made complaints before to the local council.. haven't seen anything done.
I have heard of people in my housing area who have been bitten, yet no news of any action done.
I have asked around and apparently all these dogs have owners or the owners have left and allowed the dogs to go feral. Hey, if you own a dog... why cant you take care of the dog? Otherwise why have a dog?

By the way, same thing goes for cats... we have had cats by the galore around here..  many gone feral too.

Need to find time again and drive to the Council and make another complaint. Any other ideas?
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