Sunday, January 12, 2014

Satay Kajang... you sure?

Wife suggested that we go to a place recommended on a Facebook site, for satay. All she knew it was behind RHB Bank at Satok, and we went.. and there was nothing behind the bank... saw 2 ladies walking there and asked them.. and it turned out that the place was waaaay back behind the bank. In fact you shouldn't even turn in to the bank but just go on straight down the road. We followed their directions and found it..

The whole gang was with us, so ordered food and drinks.

Ordered satay.. and was instantly disappointed. I have been to the Satay Kajang in Kajang during my uni days and also just last month. Their portions were hot, huge sides, and a lot of sauce. This satay was cold and smaller in size as compared to the one in Kajang, minimal onions and cucumber, and maybe a quarter of a small bowl of sauce. Expensive to top it off... or perhaps I was expecting something else.

Even my wife was commenting on how she wished the 'pakcik/(older person)' who sold satay at 7th mile was still operating, coz it was way better.. but we were hungry after spending a few hours walking at a market across the river (another story).

Ordered some more satay, and this time it came hot.. some saving grace the second time around.

We ordered some main dishes, nasi goreng kampung, mee sup, ayam penyet, and they were just the norm, nothing to shout about. Another interesting thing was the Milo Dinosaur, which turned out to be Milo Tabur.. daughter wanted... lol.

When the 2nd order came, the hot chicken satay was good. Still rather stingy with the accompaniments but at least the chicken satay was good. Also they did not have skin satay... sigh.. i love chicken skin satay. But I would rather go to 7th mile to that Javanese pakcik and order his satay (if his stall is open) rather than drive all the way to Satok... unless I was in Satok... 
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