Monday, January 20, 2014

Some (nearly daily) headaches I face on the road..

Sometimes I wish I was a policeman.. boy would there be a lot of people being caught... but each day I am the one trying to catch myself from swearing and losing my control.. and gaining higher blood pressure due to these drivers.. here are some of my nearly daily dealings.

If you drive just a bit after 10th mile there is a traffic light. Here are some photos for you to see.

Anything wrong?
To the casual observer or someone who is not used to this place, it looks just fine. But its not. These trucks are coming out from a factory and cutting right through as cars move from the left to the right. By the way, there is no traffic light from the right to the left!

Then of course there is always this. The motorbike guy that must drive in the middle of the road at 40km/h without a care of anyone, and you cant overtake because the oncoming traffic is so heavy.

And what is this all about? There are signs all the way to this site, showing that there is work being done and that cars can go by the side.
Nooo. Not in Sarawak. I must drive straight ahead and let all the other oncoming cars wait. I must drive on asphalt and not on gravel. So many times I have seen/experienced such drivers. Just speed on and you get out of my way.. how can my car go on the gravel road, its just a huge 4 wheel drive.
Or the direct opposite.. I must drive very slowly and gingerly so that my car will not get dirty. I have even seen this auntie stop after this and walked around her car. For what? Because it got dirty? That's why you stay in the car, so that you don't get dirty and the car will (please note I used the word will, your car will get dirty). So when its dirty, go get it washed, preferably not right after this roadworks.


Sadly there are many more inconsiderate actions. Sadly.
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