Saturday, July 12, 2014

Need to Plan

I teach this... but I am guilty of not doing this... in many times and instances particularly my health.

Lets look at the basic.

Question 1. Where have I been? 
Everywhere. Eating everything.

Question 2. Where do I want to go?
A longer life than what I have been told, so that I can stay healthy and well for my family.
(I know it must be quantifiable, achieveable etc... but thats for me to know... dont want to share yet).

Question 3. How do I get there?
Apparently according to the doctors its straight forward.
a. no more particular meds which means I must control my food intake
b. control food intake
c. exercise daily
d. pray

So now I know my situation and it is clear.
Now to do.
Then evaluate what has been done. Do corrections if not done.

I do need some form of personal support, but that has to be worked out.

So if you want something for your life, plan then do. Dont just talk. Too many people talk - dreamers... but never do. It will take time. There will be failure.. but there will be improvement.

I have to believe that because I want to see my children grow up. Amen.
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