Sunday, May 10, 2015

small things..

U know, if for small things u cant do, what more for larger matters. 

Cant get rubbish collected on time (makes me wonder what is being done with the waste???); cant catch dogs that have been let loose and even bitten people (what programs are there???); cant even get ah long posters/ads/buntings down; cant close down illegal gambling places; cant get proper and cheap public transport; etc; etc; etc; but can have big offices and lots of staff.

Have you ever 'turun padang' to see what actually happens? Do you know what the 'rakyat marhaen' wants..not what the big bosses need (PR coverage etc). 

Perhaps you do, but this rakyat (citizen) doesn't know. More importantly this citizen doesn't see any physical proof of serving the people.
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