Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year

Every year, it seems like its becoming a tradition, we will go to my sister's house and celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY) with her and her in-laws. There will be a great deal of food, enjoyed the duck, and some fireworks for the children.

Walter enjoyed playing the fireworks so much, got so worked up and excited, and was dissapointed when there was no more sparklers. Here he is with Damian, my brother in law, enjoying himself with the sparkler.

And CNY also brought me a new niece (I hope I am correct in this... my sister in law had a baby.. ) and that was an experience. Drove to the Sarawak General Hospital with her and my wife at 1 in the morning and sat down and waited and waited...

The baby was born at around 4am and she was only wheeled out around 8 am. The baby girl was only recently named... Alyssa Dura. God bless her.
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