Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Catch up News

Few things.. as I will be away again. So many things happening and not much time to write about it.
1. Yaa... finished my consultation for XXXX, did the presentation, all OK, and now just to print the final copies for them. Thanks to Jee and Dr. Lo.
2. Off to my next medical check up at 2.30 today. Hmm, sometimes I wonder... so many visits to the hospital for myself and my boy. But so far so good, hope no nasty surprises.
3. Still having flu... but a bit better
4. Off to Johor tomorow morning for a conference and back next week.
5. Marking... and getting grades out... It will be out...just left 1 more ssignment to finish and done... no, not really, have to type it into the computer and thats so bothersome for me... takes time and have to be very very very careful.

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