Saturday, January 17, 2009


Watching TV (Astro), Oprah, (resting coz just back from my first Corporate Master in Business Administration class this year) on this guy that was dying from pancreatic cancer and how he prepared and his worldview.
No, I am not dying, just going blind. Hopefully not in the near future. Which to me is as near as dying for me (Eeyore here). And I agree with this guy, 1st thing is whether are you a Tigger or a Eeyore. I try to be, and mostly am, a Tigger but sometimes am a Eeyore. Ha Ha Ha.
And I am not too personally worried about my (suspected) glaucoma; more concerned on how to care for my family, my boy especially. And I like how this guy wanted to and did spend his time preparing for his family.
Doing my best to lose weight and keep my health, so far lost a few kilos this month. Trying to come up with savings for the family to survive. Finished building the house in our village, so at least there is somewhere to stay. Trying to set aside as much as possible in savings so that there will be something in the future for my two babies and wife. Planning to meet up with the Blind Society here, also will start to update the computer with voice devices (my students tell me its possible, I am not an expert here) so that I can at least work (think I can, don't know.. hopefully wont have to know for a long more time). Trying not to stress my eyes, big fonts and read less .. which is difficult to do. My boss got a huge TV screen and used it as his computer screen, maybe will try that.
What else can I do?
Pray, of course. : ) Doing that too... not really for me, though of course if by a miracle I get healed, I am not throwing that away (wink wink God), but that the family will be looked after and provided for.
Hey, smile .. life is wonderful. Live to the fullest and enjoy what you do. That's what I am doing. I enjoy teaching, guiding my MSc and PhD students, doing my work is fun for me. I enjoy playing with my babies. So life is good.

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