Friday, February 13, 2009

End of my Bond with Unimas

My bond with Unimas ends today. As of tomorrow, I am a free agent. I had actually thought a lot about this for some time, wanting to go elsewhere for a better paying job.

Now when the day has arrived, I am reluctant to leave.
Not because I am at CGS, as its just added work with no increase in salary. I find it funny that many lecturers have approached me and congratulated me and ask how big a pay raise I got... what pay raise? It tells me that many don't understand the system here...

Why I am reluctant to leave..
Partly, I rationalize, its because my health - who will want to hire a person that can go blind..
partly because I enjoy being in Sarawak even though I do feel like a 2nd class citizen .. (chop passport, work permit) ..
partly because I am just plain lazy to go through the whole process of leaving and entering a new world, you know... better the devil you know than the ones you don't..
partly because of the hassle from previous boss (wont release me) .. which kept me here as I see it as I am needed ..
partly because of family.. and all the commitments, trials, tribulations and JOY that goes with family ..
partly because of the amount of work done for the rehabilitation center and that I want more for the center ..
partly because of the work that I have done in Unimas and the GREAT BIG POTENTIAL that I see for Unimas..
and a lot more of partly... ha ha ha

So guess I will be here for a while more..

Am I making the right decision? God knows! Anyway, He has always been there for me, so I guess He will continue to be there.. right Boss? Thanks.

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